Evaluation of volatile constituents, exudation of resin and occurrence of galls of Protium aracouchini (Aubl.) Marchand


Protium aracouchini (Aubl.) Marchand [sin Icica aracouchini Aubl.], which occurs in the Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve, in the Brazilian Amazon, was evaluated for the presence of galls, for resin exudation and the composition of the essential oils from the aerial parts and the resin. The experiment to stimulate the exudation of resin from the trunk was conducted using a 2-chloroethylphosphonic acid solution. The resin produced after 40 days and the aerial parts had their essential oils extracted in a Clevenger apparatus and the volatile chemical constituents were analyzed using GC/MS. The non-oxygenated sesquiterpenes α-copaene (21.15%) and α-gurjunene (13.69%), in addition to the oxygenated sesquiterpene spathulenol (10.32%), were detected as the majority constituents of the essential oil of the leaves, and a concentration similar to that of α-gurjunene was found in the branches (13.28%). The resin essential oil showed a high concentration of hydrocarbon monoterpenes (76.49%) with a predominance of α-pinene (17.57%) and limonene (46.11%). Four gall morphotypes were found associated with this species. The present study reports for the first time information on the volatile constituents and the resinous potential of P. aracouchini, and registers the morphotypes of the galls that help in the taxonomy of the species.


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